Is the Wix SEO Contest a Publicity Stunt?

Now you ask, “Why would promote such a SEO contest?” “Publicity?” claims it has been used in the creation of over 90 million websites worldwide. The ease of drag and drop designed websites makes Wix’s sitebuilder software very popular with customers who have little technical knowledge of website design and development but wish to keep costs down by doing it themselves.

They make it easy to create and publish websites but there platform suffers greatly from a poor reputation as difficult to maximize Search Engine Optimization strategies and tactics. SEO is a delicate balance between the content of a website and the use of keywords and links to place a site high in the results of search engines.

The problem: Sites created with drag and drop software are not easily read by search engine bots. Wix uses AJAX, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, search engine bots were not able to read AJAX and all pages of your website had a canonical of the homepage and so looked like duplicate pages to search engines, which lowers your ranking position, as search engines don’t like duplicate content. now says this issue has been resolved and their search engine crawlers can now read unblocked JavaScript or CSS files so your site will no longer be hidden and each page of your site will rank normally. Wix provides excellent convenience but at the cost of their company keeping total control over the platform. This convenience puts limits on your control of your website.

This built-in arrangement can be a disadvantage, because while Wix has many built-in tools for small business owners, if you want to add any tools they don’t have, you will find it difficult to add additional code to your site.

Furthermore, if you want to export your data there is no way to do that with Wix. Additionally, although you may be looking at a very presentable site on your PC the same website built using Wix can look very different on a mobile device and not be what you wanted.

So Wix has an image problem they wish to correct, thus they have created a “challenge” to dispel the negative publicity their product has received from the industry and public at large. It’s that simple and you could win $50,000!

Sounds simple enough but does anyone really have a chance to beat Wix’s own entry into the contest: Questions have been raised about how the small SEO hero could compete with the large presence of on the internet.

A link from to and purchased ads most SEO heroes could never duplicate due to financial restraints could provide Wix a sure win in the contest. We will have to see what kind of publicity this turns out to be if wins the contest.

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