Is WIX Good for SEO?

Wix SEO Robot: “Repeat question, please.” Public asks, “Is Wix good for SEO?” Wix Robot pauses a few seconds then, while spinning uncontrollably around in a circle, abruptly responds: “Error! Error! …does not compute! Does not compute!” Error! Error!

The SEO Tech Robot suddenly stops spinning in one spot and with a bleat! And a blaht―Announces, Calculating answer to your query:

“Unfortunately, the answer from most experts is a resounding NO! Go ahead, look for yourself, if you Google this topic or question, the results will be the same NO! WIX is not good for SEO.”

But, we may be missing the point here and WIX probably feels the same. WIX’ Site Builder platform works just fine since Google can now read it’s Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX).

WIX has announced it does not use #!hashbangs anymore and they fixed the problem of all webpages indexing as duplicates of the homepage. “Then what is all the fuss about?” Robot responds, “calculating…answer: control over technical SEO, WIX doesn’t provide it with their site builder for proprietary reasons I-robot suspects.”

WIX SEO Hero Challenge Prove WIX’ Competitiveness?

As a solution for this common accusation and perceived shortcomings in there product, WIX has launched a SEO Hero Challenge to demonstrate their product can compete just fine with the technical SEO experts using other platforms.

Utilizing any CMS platform, technical SEOS strategies are deployed toward ranking a “SEO Hero” website in higher positions in a Google search than other technical SEO competitors. We shall see, but WIX should do just fine proving this point.

WIX’ Site Builder SEO

Here is the key point of this question, “Is WIX Site Builder good for SEO?” There is no one-size-fits-all solution for this topic. If you are a business owner who wants to market on the Internet, you need a website.

As a digital business owner, you want to balance expenses with profits-higher conversions and lower costs/overhead. You will need to balance your time & financial resources with your needs for higher search exposure/visibility (by ranking higher in search engines) to generate targeted website traffic.

Weigh the pros and cons of building a site with the WIX platform. First, you will need to decide if you need a supercharged site built by either you, or a professional you pay to build it. Either way, you need a good site representing your service, brands, and products.

Building a site is quick, free, and easy with WIX, but it may not rank on the first page of Google―unless it’s the only website for a niche!

Competing websites have been built & search engine optimized using platforms which allow SEO experts the ability to work their magic (really great talent and knowledge combined). Typically, these sites will be the ones on page one of search results.

Organic Page One Results, Or Your Losing Web Traffic

Some data has revealed as much as ninety percent of the traffic generated by a search never leaves the first page results of that search.

WIX is a great product and meets many peoples’ needs but you can’t do complete technical SEO with the limited platform. You must decide if building an adequate site for your needs that may not rank number one in a search (without significant off page SEO) is sufficient, or if your needs require expert professional assistance to generate lots of traffic to your website.

Whether building a site yourself, or paying for the service you need to consider the importance of your website’s search ranking’s direct correlation with the success of your Internet business now and in the future! If more web traffic drawn directly from higher ranks in search engines is not essential for your business then WIX is for you.

The ease of drag and drop website creation and the low costs associated with publishing a WIX generated website makes it a very convenient and affordable option to everyone. Plus the learning curve is low so you won’t need to invest lots of time and effort to produce a stunning product.

Hope this answer satisfies your query! Robot signing off

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