Is SEO Tech Necessary?

“Wix Robot, new query. What is SEO tech? Do all websites need SEO tech? Wix Robot responds: “Working…” A moment later he says: “Answer computed.”

What is SEO Tech?

SEO tech refers strategies and techniques designed to rank a website on page one results of a search query for specific keywords. The key objective is to integrate Search Engine friendly content and structure with social media marketing that creates a seamless unbroken-approach to maximum consumer visibility and engagement.

SEO tech does involve the use of keywords and descriptions in the website’s content, but search engine optimization does not entirely relate only to the content of a website, instead it also consists of efforts to improve ease of navigation and functionality of the site so users will enjoy their browsing experience on the site.

Many technical factors are involved in optimizing a website for great performance and search results visibility―most importantly in regards to SEO is content, without great content you’re just wasting your time. Great content is more than just words as it has to be focused specifically to the interests of your targeted audience.

Website content should be original, engaging, exciting, significant, and worth mentioning…but Wix Tools Robot, “Is a SEO tech necessary?”

Do all websites need SEO tech?

Yes, but as is the case with all things “you get what you pay for” and remember SEO is not a one-time procedure it involves a continual process of monitoring and research.

Search engine algorithms frequently change and professionals need constant education and research to keep up with these changes. Although SEO tech may be necessary for all online commerce and most other professional sites, online services, or products’ search visibility―other factors will need to be a consideration such as, doing it yourself, your budget, the cost of professional services, your business goals…etc.

Anyone can do SEO

While doing it yourself may sound difficult―it has been said recently that anyone can be an SEO Hero and if they have the time to dedicate to learning all the nuances and methods of professional-technical SEO.

This may be, or not be an option for you. Only you can make that decision. In contrast, you may choose to hire a professional, but as Robot has stated previous, you get what you pay for…and sometimes not even that! Shocking?

Professional SEO Services

Professionals must posses an interdisciplinary skill set to produce effective SEO results. They need exceptional writing ability along with intimate technical knowledge about website design to create unforgettable, engaging, and high-ranking websites.

So far, there is not an accredited college or university degree program for search engine optimization. That means everyone is self-taught or mentored by other SEO professionals leaving out any standard to go by. If you hire an expert, you might want to get references and ask to see examples of their work before you commit.

Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire an expert, know that a lot of research is involved to educate yourself about this very important decision. Do not be rash―be rational and take time to brush up on Search Engine Optimization. Make an informed decision!

“Query complete!” | Wix SEO Tech Robot signing off…

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