Villain Crimewave Hits the Internet

With only 33 days left in the “SEO Hero Challenge,” authorities anticipate we are in for a lot of trouble in the immediate future. Already we have seen small increases in spamming and with lots of unanswered questions about who may be behind the dubious activity and only suspicions remain.

Some reports have surfaced regarding the omission of links and the unethical promotion of websites with paid ads; other victims have since reported the unscrupulous buying of links from third parties claiming: “it is all about obtaining an unfair advantage in the challenge.”

Wix Tools Robot believes “there is bound to be an increase in suspicious activity associated with the competition,” and the recent crimewave will only escalate as the contest approaches the announcement of a winner at its’ end on or near March 17, 2017.

Just a Bunch of SEO Hero Rumors & Accusations?

Lots of rumors and accusations but nothing concrete to go on for evidence about who is behind the criminal activity. Authorities have stated they suspect the culprits received instruction about SEO at the infamous School of Gifted Optimizers operated by Professor F, long suspected to be a part of an organized crime syndicate.

Serving millions of website builders, both professional and novices alike, the School of Gifted Optimizers may be the place to start looking for the parties responsible for these attacks. Alleged criminals known to have attended the school include dubious WIX authored villains: Tagmeto, Bounce, Apocalinks, Duplicate Man, and Spamtinels.

All the nefarious types mentioned have long histories of causing chaos in search results everywhere and these crimes have their “methods of operations” (MO) all over them. They live to break our links, manipulate our code, duplicate our content and spam us out of existence.

Each of them is very gifted at what they do and left unchecked, they would certainly destroy any hope of an honest, fair, and undisputed contest.


Tagmeto, possibly the most powerful of the villains mentioned, has gone virtually unreported in this challenge but considering what is at stake here authorities suspect he will not be discouraged from making his appearance.

Now enemies, once professor F and Tagmeto shared SEO philosophies and were good friends. Fear Tagmeto he can manipulate source code altering anything and everything in his path.


Bounce, may have been noticed or not, Robot hasn’t seen any reports of the activity usually associated with him, but his massive mass of mass will bounce visitors right off your site leaving your site invisible to all!

Duplicate Man

Duplicate Man makes mirror images of himself (that would be a selfie of sorts) or of your website’s content. He is known by several participants who may have been victims of his talents.

Nothing yet has ever been discovered linking Professor F with any of these criminals or their activities since leaving the school and the professor is not under any suspicion by authorities.

Professor F did confirm a report about a hack involving spam that recently occurred on the gifted optimizer School’s website and that he had suspicions the notorious Spamtinels was involved somehow.

“It has his annoying automated footprint all over it.” “Fake coupons, scandals, and something about Donald Trump are all signature marks of Spantinels’ debauchery.”


Spamtinels is known to be an annoying antagonist and he has been known to be highly dangerous causing websites to be abandoned, so if you spot him use extreme caution and report it to authorities immediately.


Other incidents of suspicious activity reported in the contest have the signature tell tale signs of the ancient SEO villain—Apocalinks, a known associate of Spantinels.

Many contestants have noticed unexplainable increases in duplicate links on their sites placing them at risk of being on the edge of oblivion.

Apocalinks is very dangerous as he can alter form: changing links to no follow and destroying links altogether. The mischief Apocalinks can unleash may leave a site unrecoverable. If you spot him act fast or all will be lost in oblivion.

Certainly, our SEO Heroes can protect us! And themselves! Right?

Well, nothing is for certain. Rest assured though, the SEO Heroes in this contest are up to the challenge as many have already reported dealing with the exploits these well known and dangerous villains have perpetrated.

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