Is SEO Tech Necessary?

Is a SEO Tech Necessary for Keyword Ranking?

“Wix Robot, new query. What is SEO tech? Do all websites need SEO tech? Wix Robot responds: “Working…” A moment later he says: “Answer computed.”

What is SEO Tech?

SEO tech refers strategies and techniques designed to rank a website on page one results of a search query for specific keywords. The key objective is to integrate Search Engine friendly content and structure with social media marketing that creates a seamless unbroken-approach to maximum consumer visibility and engagement.

SEO tech does involve the use of keywords and descriptions in the website’s content, but search engine optimization does not entirely relate only to the content of a website, instead it also consists of efforts to improve ease of navigation and functionality of the site so users will enjoy their browsing experience on the site.

Many technical factors are involved in optimizing a website for great performance and search results visibility―most importantly in regards to SEO is content, without great content you’re just wasting your time. Great content is more than just words as it has to be focused specifically to the interests of your targeted audience.

Website content should be original, engaging, exciting, significant, and worth mentioning…but Wix Tools Robot, “Is a SEO tech necessary?”

Do all websites need SEO tech?

Yes, but as is the case with all things “you get what you pay for” and remember SEO is not a one-time procedure it involves a continual process of monitoring and research.

Search engine algorithms frequently change and professionals need constant education and research to keep up with these changes. Although SEO tech may be necessary for all online commerce and most other professional sites, online services, or products’ search visibility―other factors will need to be a consideration such as, doing it yourself, your budget, the cost of professional services, your business goals…etc.

Anyone can do SEO

While doing it yourself may sound difficult―it has been said recently that anyone can be an SEO Hero and if they have the time to dedicate to learning all the nuances and methods of professional-technical SEO.

This may be, or not be an option for you. Only you can make that decision. In contrast, you may choose to hire a professional, but as Robot has stated previous, you get what you pay for…and sometimes not even that! Shocking?

Professional SEO Services

Professionals must posses an interdisciplinary skill set to produce effective SEO results. They need exceptional writing ability along with intimate technical knowledge about website design to create unforgettable, engaging, and high-ranking websites.

So far, there is not an accredited college or university degree program for search engine optimization. That means everyone is self-taught or mentored by other SEO professionals leaving out any standard to go by. If you hire an expert, you might want to get references and ask to see examples of their work before you commit.

Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire an expert, know that a lot of research is involved to educate yourself about this very important decision. Do not be rash―be rational and take time to brush up on Search Engine Optimization. Make an informed decision!

“Query complete!” | Wix SEO Tech Robot signing off…

Is WIX Good for SEO?

Is WIX's free website builder good for SEO?

Wix SEO Robot: “Repeat question, please.” Public asks, “Is Wix good for SEO?” Wix Robot pauses a few seconds then, while spinning uncontrollably around in a circle, abruptly responds: “Error! Error! …does not compute! Does not compute!” Error! Error!

The SEO Tech Robot suddenly stops spinning in one spot and with a bleat! And a blaht―Announces, Calculating answer to your query:

“Unfortunately, the answer from most experts is a resounding NO! Go ahead, look for yourself, if you Google this topic or question, the results will be the same NO! WIX is not good for SEO.”

But, we may be missing the point here and WIX probably feels the same. WIX’ Site Builder platform works just fine since Google can now read it’s Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX).

WIX has announced it does not use #!hashbangs anymore and they fixed the problem of all webpages indexing as duplicates of the homepage. “Then what is all the fuss about?” Robot responds, “calculating…answer: control over technical SEO, WIX doesn’t provide it with their site builder for proprietary reasons I-robot suspects.”

WIX SEO Hero Challenge Prove WIX’ Competitiveness?

As a solution for this common accusation and perceived shortcomings in there product, WIX has launched a SEO Hero Challenge to demonstrate their product can compete just fine with the technical SEO experts using other platforms.

Utilizing any CMS platform, technical SEOS strategies are deployed toward ranking a “SEO Hero” website in higher positions in a Google search than other technical SEO competitors. We shall see, but WIX should do just fine proving this point.

WIX’ Site Builder SEO

Here is the key point of this question, “Is WIX Site Builder good for SEO?” There is no one-size-fits-all solution for this topic. If you are a business owner who wants to market on the Internet, you need a website.

As a digital business owner, you want to balance expenses with profits-higher conversions and lower costs/overhead. You will need to balance your time & financial resources with your needs for higher search exposure/visibility (by ranking higher in search engines) to generate targeted website traffic.

Weigh the pros and cons of building a site with the WIX platform. First, you will need to decide if you need a supercharged site built by either you, or a professional you pay to build it. Either way, you need a good site representing your service, brands, and products.

Building a site is quick, free, and easy with WIX, but it may not rank on the first page of Google―unless it’s the only website for a niche!

Competing websites have been built & search engine optimized using platforms which allow SEO experts the ability to work their magic (really great talent and knowledge combined). Typically, these sites will be the ones on page one of search results.

Organic Page One Results, Or Your Losing Web Traffic

Some data has revealed as much as ninety percent of the traffic generated by a search never leaves the first page results of that search.

WIX is a great product and meets many peoples’ needs but you can’t do complete technical SEO with the limited platform. You must decide if building an adequate site for your needs that may not rank number one in a search (without significant off page SEO) is sufficient, or if your needs require expert professional assistance to generate lots of traffic to your website.

Whether building a site yourself, or paying for the service you need to consider the importance of your website’s search ranking’s direct correlation with the success of your Internet business now and in the future! If more web traffic drawn directly from higher ranks in search engines is not essential for your business then WIX is for you.

The ease of drag and drop website creation and the low costs associated with publishing a WIX generated website makes it a very convenient and affordable option to everyone. Plus the learning curve is low so you won’t need to invest lots of time and effort to produce a stunning product.

Hope this answer satisfies your query! Robot signing off

DreamHost’s WIX-like Remixer

DreamHost, “Proudly hosting over 1.5 million websites since 1997,” (DreamHost catch phrase as displayed on their website) releases new website builder to compete with WIX, Squarespace, Weebly―and others.

DreamHost is a private company based in Los Angeles, founded by Dallas Bethune, Josh Jones, Michael Rodriguez, and Sage Weil in 1996. DreamHost provides website hosting services, cloud computing services, cloud storage services, and is a domain name registrar.

Remixer Website Builder

Remixer will be a little familiar out of the box and like WIX’ free website builder, Remixer utilizes drag and drop technology to make building websites fast and as-easy-as what is represented on their domain: “Build a website in minutes.”

WIX Tools Robot visited to give “Remixer” a tryout, but was asked for a credit card during the registration process and decided not to finish the registration―Robots do not have credit cards to begin with and nonetheless to try new products from DreamHost! SEO Tech Robot does not compute!

What WIX Robot does compute: Remixer is a simple drag and drop website creator you can bundle with DreamHost hosting. Utilizing the drag and drop process of creating website content using Remixer is fast, easy, and anyone can do it! Users do not have to have any coding knowledge to create any part of a Remix site.

The Remixer platform is included with any DreamHost hosting plan. Choose a theme―they currently have 13 to choose from with plans to add many more. Add content―drag and drop fonts, colors, and images, or videos from your library, existing website or from online galleries.

Remixer also boasts over 70 content sections, including maps, contact forms, and comment sections and if this is not enough included is a library of about six-hundred-thousand royalty-free images and graphics for you to make use of.

Wow, now that’s content! Publish your site by adding it to the internet with hosting from DreamHost. Remixer is available now.

Villain Crimewave Hits the Internet

With only 33 days left in the “SEO Hero Challenge,” authorities anticipate we are in for a lot of trouble in the immediate future. Already we have seen small increases in spamming and with lots of unanswered questions about who may be behind the dubious activity and only suspicions remain.

Some reports have surfaced regarding the omission of links and the unethical promotion of websites with paid ads; other victims have since reported the unscrupulous buying of links from third parties claiming: “it is all about obtaining an unfair advantage in the challenge.”

Wix Tools Robot believes “there is bound to be an increase in suspicious activity associated with the competition,” and the recent crimewave will only escalate as the contest approaches the announcement of a winner at its’ end on or near March 17, 2017.

Just a Bunch of SEO Hero Rumors & Accusations?

Lots of rumors and accusations but nothing concrete to go on for evidence about who is behind the criminal activity. Authorities have stated they suspect the culprits received instruction about SEO at the infamous School of Gifted Optimizers operated by Professor F, long suspected to be a part of an organized crime syndicate.

Serving millions of website builders, both professional and novices alike, the School of Gifted Optimizers may be the place to start looking for the parties responsible for these attacks. Alleged criminals known to have attended the school include dubious WIX authored villains: Tagmeto, Bounce, Apocalinks, Duplicate Man, and Spamtinels.

All the nefarious types mentioned have long histories of causing chaos in search results everywhere and these crimes have their “methods of operations” (MO) all over them. They live to break our links, manipulate our code, duplicate our content and spam us out of existence.

Each of them is very gifted at what they do and left unchecked, they would certainly destroy any hope of an honest, fair, and undisputed contest.


Tagmeto, possibly the most powerful of the villains mentioned, has gone virtually unreported in this challenge but considering what is at stake here authorities suspect he will not be discouraged from making his appearance.

Now enemies, once professor F and Tagmeto shared SEO philosophies and were good friends. Fear Tagmeto he can manipulate source code altering anything and everything in his path.


Bounce, may have been noticed or not, Robot hasn’t seen any reports of the activity usually associated with him, but his massive mass of mass will bounce visitors right off your site leaving your site invisible to all!

Duplicate Man

Duplicate Man makes mirror images of himself (that would be a selfie of sorts) or of your website’s content. He is known by several participants who may have been victims of his talents.

Nothing yet has ever been discovered linking Professor F with any of these criminals or their activities since leaving the school and the professor is not under any suspicion by authorities.

Professor F did confirm a report about a hack involving spam that recently occurred on the gifted optimizer School’s website and that he had suspicions the notorious Spamtinels was involved somehow.

“It has his annoying automated footprint all over it.” “Fake coupons, scandals, and something about Donald Trump are all signature marks of Spantinels’ debauchery.”


Spamtinels is known to be an annoying antagonist and he has been known to be highly dangerous causing websites to be abandoned, so if you spot him use extreme caution and report it to authorities immediately.


Other incidents of suspicious activity reported in the contest have the signature tell tale signs of the ancient SEO villain—Apocalinks, a known associate of Spantinels.

Many contestants have noticed unexplainable increases in duplicate links on their sites placing them at risk of being on the edge of oblivion.

Apocalinks is very dangerous as he can alter form: changing links to no follow and destroying links altogether. The mischief Apocalinks can unleash may leave a site unrecoverable. If you spot him act fast or all will be lost in oblivion.

Certainly, our SEO Heroes can protect us! And themselves! Right?

Well, nothing is for certain. Rest assured though, the SEO Heroes in this contest are up to the challenge as many have already reported dealing with the exploits these well known and dangerous villains have perpetrated.

Is the Wix SEO Contest a Publicity Stunt?

Is the SEO contest a publicity stunt, SEO Hero Robot?

Now you ask, “Why would promote such a SEO contest?” “Publicity?” claims it has been used in the creation of over 90 million websites worldwide. The ease of drag and drop designed websites makes Wix’s sitebuilder software very popular with customers who have little technical knowledge of website design and development but wish to keep costs down by doing it themselves.

They make it easy to create and publish websites but there platform suffers greatly from a poor reputation as difficult to maximize Search Engine Optimization strategies and tactics. SEO is a delicate balance between the content of a website and the use of keywords and links to place a site high in the results of search engines.

The problem: Sites created with drag and drop software are not easily read by search engine bots. Wix uses AJAX, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, search engine bots were not able to read AJAX and all pages of your website had a canonical of the homepage and so looked like duplicate pages to search engines, which lowers your ranking position, as search engines don’t like duplicate content. now says this issue has been resolved and their search engine crawlers can now read unblocked JavaScript or CSS files so your site will no longer be hidden and each page of your site will rank normally. Wix provides excellent convenience but at the cost of their company keeping total control over the platform. This convenience puts limits on your control of your website.

This built-in arrangement can be a disadvantage, because while Wix has many built-in tools for small business owners, if you want to add any tools they don’t have, you will find it difficult to add additional code to your site.

Furthermore, if you want to export your data there is no way to do that with Wix. Additionally, although you may be looking at a very presentable site on your PC the same website built using Wix can look very different on a mobile device and not be what you wanted.

So Wix has an image problem they wish to correct, thus they have created a “challenge” to dispel the negative publicity their product has received from the industry and public at large. It’s that simple and you could win $50,000!

Sounds simple enough but does anyone really have a chance to beat Wix’s own entry into the contest: Questions have been raised about how the small SEO hero could compete with the large presence of on the internet.

A link from to and purchased ads most SEO heroes could never duplicate due to financial restraints could provide Wix a sure win in the contest. We will have to see what kind of publicity this turns out to be if wins the contest.

SEO Hero News by Wix Tech ⚡ Robot

According to Wix, "anyone can be an SEO Hero!"

Contest News: Last Updated on February 8th, 2017Wix announces a $50,000 “SEO Hero Challenge” beginning on November 16, 2016.

It has begun. Wix SEO Hero Challenge

The object of the contest is to prove you are the best search engine optimization expert by ranking a previously unregistered website highest among all competitors in a search submitted from a New York City location on the 13th of March 2017 until the 15th of March, 2017.

A total of six searches will be attempted, two per day, beginning on the thirteenth—one at noon eastern time and one at eight p.m. eastern time. The site ranking highest on average over this period will be the winner.

In the event of a draw, a seventh search will be run on March 16th at 12:00pm ET to determine the winner. Although your site may be built on any platform you choose, and optimized for the search term “SEO Hero.”

There are several other contest rules and regulations eligible domains must comply with the following:

  • Your website must be in English and about SEO experts you would consider to be heroes.
  • Your website must be entered in the competition by December 16, 2016.
  • The winner will be announced within 2 weeks of the challenge end date.
  • You must follow the challenge rules found on and follow Google’s guidelines for SEO.
  • You will need to open an account with Google Analytics and Google search console by February 16, 2017, connect it to your SEO Hero website and add as an administrator. Failure to comply may lead to disqualification without notification.

Eran Hurvitz, CEO of MRKT360 Inc. is the official judge and will be monitoring the contest, ensuring all contestants comply with the rules and guidelines. It’s that simple and you could win $50,000!


Wix Contest a “spur of the moment inspiration?”

Wix Tech Robot has asked this question many times during the competition because of the open-for-debate & vague details offered within the official contest rules. Was this premeditated―purposely to give an unfair advantage to the contest sponsor?

In a surprise move, Wix’s official contest entry, “SEO Hero School,” now 301 redirects to “Gifted SEO Hero.” The gifted seo hero domain was registered in accordance to the contest timing rules, but was this their master plan?

Wix Tools Robot has examined possible reasoning for the domain’s 301 redirect. Justification possibilities include an endured negative seo attack and branding issues with other SEO Heroes getting the jump on the School’s social profiles, for example, “Terry Kyle’s SEO Hero School of Gifted profiles.” created several anchor rich backlinks directly from their blog and contest rules sections pointing to their contest entry. The Wix blog is currently the number one SEO Hero search result appearing in Google.

The do follow backlinks point to and have not been redirected to yet―as Wix Tech Robot has mentioned before maybe not completely fair, but probably necessary for Wix to win its own contest.

Another less than stellar SEO tactic Wix Robot has analyzed from Wix is the use of paid link ads to advertise the website. Buying/trading ads that other contestants won’t have the ability to compete with seems like exploitation of an unfair advantage.

Technically, mismatched ad anchors may be a violation of the official challenge rules as AdWords own policies state that an ad’s display URL domain match its final landing page URL domain.

In other news, Wix ran a SuperBowl ad

The Wix ad was wildly entertaining, but did not mention the contest or their contest webpage. Robot liked the ad, but was wondering why they ran such an expensive ad that doesn’t really introduce anything new about

Robot believes in advertising, but not just for advertising sake―especially when your brand has a positive image—for the most part. If the ad had mentioned something new Robot would compute the cost/benefit relationship about running such expensive advertisement, but the ad doesn’t address improvements or new products…

Seems wasteful and reflects a little light on the confusing behavior of their company. Makes you wonder, who’s running this show and what is their objectives? Robot suspects there may be problems with Wix than just their sitebuilder’s limited SEO capabilities.


A Friendly SEO Hero Reminder

Don’t forget prior to February 16, 2017 (Robot believes the rules meant it to be 2017 not 2016) to open accounts in Google Analytics and Google Search Console, which will be associated with the Hero Website; and (ii) provide administrative rights to the Moderator’s (as defined below) email, which is:

Failure by Participant to comply with the terms of this Section 4 shall cause an automatic disqualification of such Participant from the Contest with no right to appeal and no notice shall be required to be provided to Participant of such disqualification by Sponsor and/or by Moderator.

Breaking News for the SEO Hero Contest

Breaking News :: SEO Hero Contest!
Breaking News today for the SEO Hero Contest!

SEO Hero HQ Releases Emergency Alert!

Connect to SEO Hero HQ Today & Get Granted Full Access to SEO Heroes Headquarters encrypted emergency alert broadcast now! Only 33 days remain in the Wix SEO Hero contest―33 a very special numerology symbolizing HQ’s destiny of becoming SEO Hero, but not without YOU Heroes!