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What is the Wix SEO Hero Contest? Ask Wix Tools Robot!

Wix, known for their free website builder, has created a fantastic marketing campaign using a contest to promote their product as the best and easiest to use. The scheduled “Contest” will run for four months: November 16, 2016-March 16, 2017. The object of the contest is to build a website around the theme and search term “SEO Hero.” If at the end of the four month period your site ranks highest in an incognito search using from a New York City location–you win! $50,000!

To be eligible for the contest your website domain may not have been registered before November 16, 2016. You may use any method or Content Media System preferred by you or your team to build your website. Wix is out to prove they have fixed the perceived Search Engine Optimization problems with their site-building software thus, has issued this challenge to prove they have what it takes to take your website to the next level!

Wix’s sitebuilding software is available in different packages allowing for different options available to the user. Whichever package one chooses you could have a website up and running in about half an hour as everything needed is included “right out of the box.” does offer additional informational materials and tools to assist users in creating and maintaining the websites they envisioned when they started the process.

Contest Analysis by Wix Tech Robot – Top 5 Ranked SEO Heroes:

Last Updated 2/1/2017

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Visit HQ For Detailed SEO Hero Competitor Ranking News

SEO Hero HQ is a leading contender for the Wix SEO Hero Contest. Headquarters features detailed SEO Hero competitive ranking news, contest analysis, Heroes Videos, and Wix contest related forums.

SEO Heroes HQ competitive ranks for the Wix contest.
SEO Heroes HQ competitive ranks for the Wix contest.

SEO Hero Tools Developed by Heroes

During this contest, third party developers and SEO Heroes have developed some interesting tools of their own, most notably were the cool ones found on the website. At the site, you can find a tool to see exactly how Google views your site & other competitor’s domains in the SEO contest.

In addition, there is a tool to show how many Google+1’s your site has received. One can also search for unfiltered Google SEO Hero rankings or even search for Current Rankings, which will return the top 100 “SEO Hero” results from a—New York City location similar to the Official Judge’s incognito search.

Other Cool SEO Hero Tools

Other impressive hero tools created for the WIX contest include some unique search explorers, mouse driven/user based generated heat maps, and even organizational tools to help with staying on track for the SEO challenge. These tools and other cool web applications can be found at

MonitoRank – Site search engine rank results, search tool. Find out where your site ranks in the search engines.

Mindmeister – Organize ideas tool; idea mapping tool or outline creation tool. What’s the next step? Want to stay on track, this tool is essential to creating outlines that get you over the finish line.

Mouseflow – Records user navigation sessions on your site, also records mouse movements, and heat maps. Know where your visitors spend their time on your site and what is of interest to them to better tailor content to user experience and interests. This will create greater traffic and discussion.

SEO Hero Explorer – Competitive keyword search tool, search for focused content strategy using only words, which matter most. Keep traffic around longer and relate to your users interests by engaging them with exciting targeted topics.

Wix tools you may want to incorporate into your website:

1. Web Hosting: although available with a generic web address “right out of the box” If you intend to push “brand” recognition and awareness you probably want a custom domain name for your site and it may be worth it for you to purchase one either through Wix or some other domain registry provider. A site with a unique domain name is more unforgettable.

2. G Suite Mailbox: your business email should represent your brand or product or service most times and a great way to expose your brand is through customized domain emails like or this will not only direct your customers to the correct email it also makes it easier for you to filter, and read through emails.

3. Wix App Market: Find Apps created by Wix and third party developers to take your site to the next level. Popular brands you are most likely familiar with like Etsy, Constant Contact, Eventbrite and many more are available here.

4. Site Contacts: Customers, who contact you through your sites contact form, can be found and easily managed via your contact groups in one organized place.

5. Wix ShoutOut: an incredible tool with an easy way to send beautiful newsletters to site visitors and increase customer engagement.

6. Get Subscribers: a handy pop-up that prompts people to add their names to your newsletter lists so they’ll never miss your next announcement.